ABOUT Techno Plas

We believe that doing business should be easy and for over 33 years our customers have depended on us to deliver whilst still looking for new and innovative ways to help them.

Advanced manufacturing gives unrivalled product performance, certainty of supply and since we run 24/7, affordability.

Our ultra clean and accredited factory can supply you with plastic consumer packaging using the latest developments in In-Mould Labelling and Laboratory plastic consumables manufacturing.

And, if we sell it, we made it in Australia.


With over 33 years of industry leading experience, Techno Plas is a fully Australian owned and operated company that is head- quartered in St Marys, South Australia.

At that facility we have over 40 state of the art injection moulding machines. With all equipment being constantly upgraded to ensure we are always using the latest technology and that which is the most suited to the many individual items we manufacture.

Our highly automated plant can operate at full capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Such an automation focus provides considerable operational efficiencies and delivery guarantees.

Most importantly, it helps deliver maximum product consistency and contributes to our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Industry Applications


When you must have meticulous product standards, assured consistency, uncompromising quality and reliable delivery choose Techno Plas.

Featured Product

When reliability and reproducibility of test results, is essential, the choice is Techno Plas for highly consistent quality and delivery responsiveness.


When your plastic consumables must be contamination free and deliver high product standards, reproducibility, uncompromised quality and reliable delivery. Opt for Techno Plas.


Because exceptional quality, assured reproducibility, the highest standards and fast delivery are all critical, select plastic disposables from Techno Plas.

With over 33 years of industry leading experience, Techno Plas is fully Australian owned and operated


43 moulding machines that run 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, despatching to locations all over the globe


On-site product design, project management, flexible runs and manufacturing product any day or time of the week


We always look for news ways to enhance our customers products and believe in working together to grow together


Our huge warehousing capacity means we can partner with you to reduce lead times